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Vol 13 No 5 Page 1 - November 2007

The Rector writes:


Christmas, time off from work, family reunions, seasonal festivities, returning again to church - how lovely it will be to, share again in all this in only a few weeks time!   Maybe saying that will fill you with anxiety - a lot done, but so much more to do and time flying!   

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As one thinks how we in Ireland appreciate Christmas and our way of celebrating the festival we might also reflect on how others view this special time of the year

Those in the southern hemisphere have Christmas at the height of their summer - a barbie being the usual fare!    

Christians in Palestine, even in Bethlehem, the Holy City itself, are a minority community whose livelihood has been squeezed by the trade and travel restrictions, and by much reduced tourism due to the ongoing tension in Palestine/Israel.   

Non Christians may only observe the Christmas festival from a distance in so far as they take part in a welcome holiday, though, as in the united States, few countries take as many holidays at the Christmas season as do the Irish!   

For many, in nominally Christian Ireland, Christmas is a time of sadness and loneliness during which people long only to get back to the "normality" of work or some other diversion.   So, Christmas can be many things to many people.   

For Christian people the true meaning of the festival is God's loving relationship with his people and creation - "God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16.    

Jesus to be born of a virgin; to be born into the world with all its diversity and difficulties, its joys and its opportunities.   Jesus, God's gift to be a light to the world; to bring salvation and hope even to the troubled and the lost; to offer his gift of peace and rest eternal.

Perhaps it is only in the difficulties of the world and of our lives that Christmas can find its true meaning and fulfilment; God's love reaching out through Christ.

  • In the goodwill of the season, to embrace again a family member, those who are lonely or marginalised.
  • In the plenty of Christmas to remember the poor and needy that by our sharing they too may celebrate Christmas.
  • In the good news of Christmas to know for ourselves the richness and hope of God's love for the world.

The gift of God's goodness is not confined to 25th December annually.   God's goodness and mercy, his forgiveness and healing and his saving love is gifted throughout the year.   All we have to do is accept it for ourselves -
"Yes, Lord, give me your gift of your Son Jesus Christ that I may know your gift of eternal love, now and always. Amen"   

We look forward to celebrating together at our Christmas services, God's glory come to be with us always in the birth of Jesus Christ, his Son our Lord. Amen.

May God in Christ fill you with his joy and peace this Christmas-time and for evermore.

Intending To Be Married?

If so, the following should be read, marked, learned and inwardly digested!

The Marriage Provisions of the Civil Registration Act, 2004 became law on 5th November 2007.   This legislation brought about major changes in the procedures for solemnising and registering marriages in Ireland.   All those intending to be married after the above date should fully inform themselves of the new requirements and ensure that they comply with these by making early contact with their local Registrar of Marriages, and their rector.

The main changes facing couples in relation to religious marriages are as follows:

The requirement that all couples attend in person at the Registrar's office, to give their notification, establish their identity and freedom to marry and sign declarations of no impediment;

The requirement that all couples must be issued with a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) by a Registrar before the marriage can proceed.   

Personal notification

All couples must now present in person to a Registrar to give their three months notice (except in very limited circumstances). This may be done at any local HSE Registration Office in the country.   The two Dublin offices are Sir Patrick Duns Hospital, Lr. Grand Canal St. Dublin 2 office hours 10am to 12.30pm and 2.15pm to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Telephone 01- 678 7114 / 5 and Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard St. East, Dublin 2 office hours 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. Telephone 01 - 863 8200 / 19.   To ensure an orderly and efficient service an appointment system must operate in all registration offices in respect of notifications.   As a first step therefore, all couples intending to be married must contact a registration office to make an appointment to give their three months notification of intention to marry.   

It is intended that in the vast majority of cases only one visit to the registration office will be required.   This can be achieved by bringing all necessary documents when the couple make their visit.   

Necessary documentation is as follows

Photo I.D. (preferably a passport or driving licence)

If one or both parties is divorced, the original divorce decree(s) in respect of any previous divorce(s) they may have;

If one of them is widowed, the death certificate of their previous spouse;
Name and address of the person they wish to solemnise the marriage;
Name and dates of birth of their witnesses;
Their PPS numbers ( where either or both of the parties have one);
The Registrar will advise if any further documentation is required in your specific case.

When the couple visits the Registrar's office they must provide details of their identity, age, marital status, and nationality and also details in relation to their proposed marriage such as the intended date of marriage, whether they require a civil or religious ceremony, the names and dates of birth of their witnesses and details of the proposed solemniser and venue.   They will also both have to complete a declaration of no impediment, stating that they are not aware of any lawful impediment to the proposed marriage.   All documentation should be compiled and brought to the Registrar's office at the appointed time to avoid the necessity for a second visit.

Postal notification.

In very limited circumstances (where one or both of the couple is living outside the State or one or both of them is seriously ill) and only by prior agreement with the Registrar, it is possible for a couple to post a marriage notification to the Registrar.   However, in such cases the couple must still attend the Registrar's office in person at least five days before the marriage to complete their declarations of no impediment and produce the necessary documentation and particulars as set out above, and to be issued with their Marriage Registration Form.

Postal notifications of intention to marry should not be returned to the General Register Office, they should be returned to the Registrar who has authorised the notification to be made by post.   In the first instance couples should contact a Registration Office or the Government publications webpage

It is important to note that even though intention to marry may have been given and acknowledged by the Registrar, a marriage cannot proceed without a Marriage Registration Form having been issued to the couple and examined by the solemniser.   The Marriage Registration Form is the civil authorisation for the marriage to proceed.   Any marriage solemnised without a Marriage Registration Form will be null and void in civil law and will have no legal effect.    

Minimum age of marriage

Since 1st August 1996 (under the Family Law Act 1995) the minimum age at which a person, ordinarily resident in the State may contract a marriage valid in Irish law is eighteen years of age.   Persons aged under eighteen must obtain the permission of the Circuit Family Court or the High Court to get married

Full details of the requirements of the Marriage Provisions of the Civil Registration ACT, 2004 legislation can be obtained from local HSE registration offices

  • The Dublin contact details are given above.
  • Or the General Registrar's Office, Government Buildings, Convent Road, Roscommon. Telephone LoCall 1890 252 076 or +353 (0) 906 6329 00.
  • The Government Publications Office website :
  • Further assistance may be obtained from the Marriage Department, Church House, Church Avenue, Dublin 6 Telephone 01  497 8422; FAX: 01  497 8821;    e-mail   office@rcbdub.org.
    As a pdf file at   www.ireland.anglican.org/resources
    The Church of Ireland Marriage Council website is   www.marriagematters.ireland.anglican.org

Rector's Note - Note Bene.

Whilst very important, the above is only an outline of the requirements of the new Act and no legal responsibility will be taken in respect of same.   It is entirely up to a couple to obtain their Marriage Registration Form from the relevant registration office.   However, as a rector and solemniser of marriages I would make the following comments.

The Church of Ireland rector and solemniser will normally only conduct marriage services in church buildings.   It is therefore still important that couples wishing to be married in church should contact their clergy to establish the availability of the church for their intended marriage and the availability and willingness of the clergy to act as solemniser.

In the case of marriage of a divorced person in church the prior approval of the Archbishop will still be required.
Couples intending to be married in the Parish Church of Kilternan and at which the rector is solemniser should also note:-

A marriage ceremony is a very personal and intimate occasion.   The couple will prepare in great detail for their day: wedding stationery sourced; cars, photographers, musicians engaged and met; wedding gowns for bride and bridesmaids and suits for the gentlemen purchased or hired; flower arrangements negotiated; invitations, reception seating arrangements agonised over; stag and hen parties can now be as exotic as actual honeymoons might have been in the recent past!

And not a word yet about meeting up with the rector to discuss, in advance, what is possible/appropriate for a church service; or to get to know the rector and he/she the couple, so that intimacies and the necessary chemistry can be there on the day!

In order for the above to "come together" and make the day everything that all parties would wish for, I will require that a couple being married by me in Kilternan (unless in exceptional circumstances) will meet with me at least three times prior to their marriage - to determine their intentions and needs; to assist with service details; to ensure that all civil and church requirements have been met.

I will try to facilitate couples with regard to times of meetings; however, I would also point out that most, if not all, other facets of marriage arrangements are made during business hours.   Obviously e-mail/fax should be used to assist in making the necessary arrangements but this is not a substitute for personal contact.   In a couple's preparation for marriage I endorse the benefits of either of the following marriage courses:

  • Marriage Preparation offered to a couple by the Church of Ireland Marriage Council.   This is conducted on a one to one basis tailored to the couple's needs.   Sessions cover expectations, communication, sexuality, conflict resolution and parenting.   Part of the cost is subsidised by the Marriage Council - see website above.
  • Embrace for Inter - Church couples.
    Early booking of this course is essential.

I hope the above gives an appropriate outline in respect of the new marriage legislation requirements and of necessary church/parish protocol.   Again I must stress that, having ascertained the availability of the church and of the solemniser (rector), the couple's first call must be to the HSE Registrar of Marriages - without a Marriage Registration Form no marriage can take place!


Family Fun Day and Fête 2008

Advance warning!

Those of you who are already organised enough to have acquired your 2008 diary might like to add another entry, whilst the rest of us should make a mental or other note of this important date in the parish calendar.   Traditionally the family fun day and fair has been run on the second Saturday in May.   However in 2008 this date will clash with half term holiday in the school.   In order to avoid further clashes with other events, it has been decided to run the fete on Saturday 26th April 2008.   Hopefully the weather will be kind to us once again.

Confirmation 2008

In 2008, confirmation for candidates from Kilternan Parish will take place on Sunday 18th May at 3.30pm in Tullow Parish Church, Carrickmines.   

Young people from the parish who are in 1st or 2nd year in secondary school and wish to be confirmed should contact the rector as soon as possible.   Preparation for confirmation will commence early in 2008 and will take place in the church after the 10.30am service.   A list of dates will drawn up to help candidates and their parents in attending church and preparation on those Sundays.

Confirmation is an important step in our Christian lives: many will have been baptised as little babies with parents and god-parents having made promises on our behalf.   Now as we begin to be responsible for ourselves, and to make our own decisions, in confirmation we make our own commitment to the Christian faith and to following Jesus Christ.   I hope young people who wish to be confirmed, together with their parents, will prayerfully approach this step in their Christian journey and be reaffirmed "Christ's forever".    

I look forward to hearing from those who wish to be confirmed in May 2008.   Adults too may be confirmed at the above service, however, should they wish they can be baptised and/or confirmed by the Archbishop in Christ Church Cathedral at the Easter Vigil Service.   Please speak with the Rector well in advance if this of interest to you.   

One Liner

For sale: Parachute - worn once, never opened.   

Wednesday October 17th.   On this evening we enjoyed being shown around the new Glebe House.   Afterwards we had a very positive discussion on how we, as a caring group, can work with the staff of the Care Centre to the benefit of the residents.   This will take time to tease out the logistics but we're off to a good start!

Upcoming Events

On Tuesday November 13th at 8pm we are joining with Whitechurch Branch to hear "MU in Rwanda ".   Please let one of the committee know if you are coming so I can let Whitechurch know for catering reasons.

On Saturday December 15th at 2.30pm we are changing our venue for our traditional Christmas Concert from Leopardstown Hospital to the Glebe House, Kilternan.   This is always fantastic, for us as well as the residents!!   Please come along to sing a carol or two - everybody most welcome.

Wednesday, 16th January 2008 at 6.45pm we are having our New Year's meal in Leopardstown Inn.   If you are not a member of the Mothers' Union and would like to come along, please let us know, all welcome.
Sandra Knaggs

Kilternan Church of Ireland National School

The parish school was blessed and officially re-opened by the Archbishop, the Most Reverend Dr. John Neill, and the Minister for Education and Science, Mary Hanafin T.D., on Tuesday 12th June 2007.<

Ostensibly the celebrations focused on the fine new facility, which was grant aided by the Department.   With its eight classrooms this will give optimum teaching of one class per teacher, resource and library rooms, staff and administration rooms and a fine general purpose room.   The day, however, was really about the children, the teaching and ancillary staff, and parent body of the school.

In starting the ceremonies the Archbishop presided at a service of blessing in the church.   Children and staff participated in readings, prayers and presentations.   Following the service the assembly removed to the school where Archbishop Neill blessed the new building and all associated with it.   Mary Hanafin T.D. cut the ribbon to officially open the school - she was assisted by Maisie Reid and Gavin Lynch the youngest girl and boy in the school.   Members of the school's Green Flag committee, Stephen Dawson and Ivan Daly invited the Archbishop and the Minister to plant two trees.

The assembled company then retired to the general purpose room where entertainment was laid on by the children and music departments, followed by speeches from the Archbishop, the Minister, the Principal and the Rector.   Thanks were expressed to many people for their input and contribution including Boards of Management past and present, and to the children, teaching and ancillary staff, the parent body and the PTA.

Thank You

On behalf of the Sunshine House and myself, I would like to thank everyone who supported the coffee morning in the parish centre on 2nd October. Your generosity helped us to raise €1,351. Thank you one and all.
Elaine Moran

Network Youth Group   

On 24th September we brought all the children up to the Lead Mines to build shelters from any material they could find in the woods, giving teams of four a period of 45 minutes to complete the exercise.   The results were fantastic and the whole group really enjoyed themselves.   The shelters were not dismantled so if anyone is up there for a walk, keep an eye out for them!   

On 8th October we had a pop quiz night, again the group dividing into teams of four.   A great, fun evening for both members and leaders.   

October 22nd was our fancy dress disco with members and leaders in a variety of costumes!   Thanks to all who helped decorate the hall and for helping with the fun and games.   

November 5th saw us all out at Leisureplex in Stillorgan where we played Qasar followed by a meal in nearby McDonalds.   The manager was so impressed by how mannerly everyone was that she not only commented but gave us two gift vouchers for spot prizes!

Sincere thanks to leaders Ian Gammel, Carol Barry, Dave, Heather Cole and Rachel Foley, without their help none of our activities would be possible.   
We will keep you all updated on forthcoming activities.   

Elaine Moran   

Parish Registers:

Holy Baptism:   Sunday 15th July 2007 - Theo Edward, son of John and Katie Holland.   May he live and grow in the knowledge and power of God's Spirit.

On Sunday 30th September 2007. Ellie Louise, daughter of Mark and Kerry Byrne.   We wish God's every blessing on Ellie and her family as she sets out on her Christian journey.

Holy Matrimony: 11th August 2007 - Gavin Martin and Alison Storey.   We pray God's richest blessing on Gavin and Alison that they may produce the fruit of the Spirit in love and joy and peace.   

We pray for God's blessing on Carla Burgess and Paul McGuinness who were married on 15th September.

Kilternan Garden Club

The AGM of the Garden Club was held in the Parish Centre on Monday, 22nd October.   We had a very good attendance this year of about 40 members.   Three of our committee members retired this year, Jean Van der Lee, Sylvia Thompson and Bernadette Griffin.   Sarah Tilson has replaced Jean as Chairperson and Patricia O'Farrell is our new committee member.   Our thanks go to the out going Committee members, especially Jean van der Lee who has so ably chaired the Club for the past six years.   

Once the business of the meeting was over, we watched a wonderful DVD about the late Christopher Lloyd's garden, "Great Dixter ", a big thank you to Terry Lilburn for setting it up!!   We also saw some fantastic photos of the garden visits we went on this year, these were really so professionally done by Hilary Byrne and Vera Bolger.

Our next meeting is on Monday 26th November and we are looking forward to having a talk given by Oliver Schurman from Mt. Venus Nurseries; he will be bringing some plants to buy.   We will be joining Enniskerry Garden Club on Thursday, 6th December at 8.00 p.m. in Enniskerry Parish Hall for our Annual Christmas Party and Table Quiz.-entry 12 euro including supper!   If you would like to come please contact Pat May as soon as possible, places are limited.

We have put together our programme for next year and we look forward to seeing you at our winter lectures over the next few months!

Sarah Tilson

Kilternan Care Centre Officially Opened on 31st October 2007

Kilternan Care Centre is   part of   Cowper Care Centre Ltd. which is a wholly owned Diocesan company established to progress the Diocesan Millennium Initiative for the care of older persons.   A first nursing home was built by Cowper Care Centre in Cowper Road, Rathmines, opening in January 2000.   

Accepting its partnership in the care of older persons, Kilternan Parish in October 2000 offered land to the Diocese on which Cowper Care might build a nursing home and sheltered housing.   Design, ongoing negotiations and planning permission took considerable time with building only commencing in August 2005.   Construction of the 48 bed nursing home, known as Glebe House, and 22 units of two-bed roomed sheltered housing for independent living, known as Alexandra Close, was completed in the summer of 2007.

The first residents of Glebe House took occupancy on 17th September 2007.   By the end of October 2007 the nursing home was full to capacity with residents coming mainly from Glenindare, Alexandra Guild House and Harcourt Home.   Residents of the sheltered housing will begin taking up occupancy at the end of November 2007.   In conjunction with Mr. Seamus Shields, CEO, and the management team of Cowper Care Centre Ltd., Catherine Shine, Director of Nursing, and Helen Middleton, Administrator, are responsible for the day to day running of Kilternan Care Centre.

On 31st October a large number of invited guests were present together with residents and staff of Glebe House when the Archbishop officially opened and blessed the Centre.   Mr. Howard Kilroy, chairman of the board of directors of Cowper Care Ltd., spoke enthusiastically of the mission of Cowper Care within the church and the wider community.   He applauded Mr. Seamus Shields, CEO, for his determination and expertise in bringing to fulfilment Kilternan Care Centre, the second stage of the Diocesan Millennium Initiative for the care of older persons.

In his remarks Archbishop John Neill thanked Mr. Kilroy for his strong leadership and for his personal commitment to the project.   On behalf of the parish, the rector welcomed those present for the ceremony, and in particular the residents and staff of Kilternan Care Centre.   He hoped Glebe House and Alexandra Close would be for residents a place of healing, security and peace and that staff, some of whom were from overseas, would be fulfilled and happy in their work.   The short opening ceremony was followed by welcome refreshments.

Building a facility such as Kilternan Care Centre, and indeed its official opening, are very much first steps.   The high level of responsibility involved in the ongoing management and running of Kilternan Care Centre is fully recognised as we seek to ensure the happiness and welfare of residents and staff.   Partnering with the wider community and providing support and activities for residents will offer opportunity and challenge in the days and years ahead.   


Apologies to both contributors and readers for the delay in printing some material sent in and the reporting of two major events that took place early in the summer.   It was planned to publish our summer issue of Klips in late June/early July but we were unable to do so.   

The Editorial Staff

The Lionel Freeman Junior Choir Medal   

Lionel Freeman sang in the church choir in Kilternan for many years.   On his death, to commemorate Lionel's sterling service, his family presented the parish with a beautiful silver   Junior Choir Medal.   This medal is to given each year to a member of the Junior Choir who helps the organist in leading the choir, and who encourages and supports the younger members.   

This year, at the family Harvest Thanksgiving Service, the medal was presented to Alice Barry.   Alice succeeds her older sister Grace.   As we thank Grace for her year of office we wish Alice well in her duties and responsibilities.    

The Real McCoy!   

On Sunday 4th November at coffee after service, all who came to the hall had a lovely surprise - it was the real McCoy, real percolated coffee served with a smile, and accompanied by beautiful scones, muffins and other goodies!    
A parishioner has kindly provided to the parish a coffee percolator, and all the necessary accoutrements, including Fair Trade coffee.   We express our thanks to the donor whose substantial gift will give a lift to our after- service refreshments and chat - so join us for coffee on the first and third Sundays of the month!   

Snug As Bugs In A Rug!   

Originally the church heating was by means of a coke fired burner beneath the floor of the church.   Hot air circulated to warm the church.   There was an open fire in the vestry to keep the clergy in high spirits.   Many years later an oil-fired heating system was installed to heat the church by means of radiators.   The oil-fired sectional boiler and the oil tank were sited underground at the north side of the church.   The dampness of this location was not entirely suitable with water having to be pumped from a sump in the boiler compartment.   The dampness also led to many malfunctions resulting in a cold church on Sunday morning!   

When it became clear that the church's heating could not be linked into the system for the proposed new halls complex the Select Vestry arranged for a new independent gas heating system to be installed in the church.   The system is now up and running and it is a pleasure to come to church for worship on Sunday and Wednesday mornings and for the Tuesday night choir rehearsals and to find a warm and welcoming ambience.   We are grateful to three parishioners who have kindly and generously given money towards the cost of the installation.   

Church Alarmed!   

As the neighbourhood and society at large changes it has been deemed prudent to install an intruder alarm system in the church.   The alarm is now functional and is monitored on a 24-hour basis.   To avoid false alarms and Garda attendance it has been found necessary to remove the church key from Kennedy's Spar Supermarket in Stepaside.   The church key is again based at the rectory.   Those requiring access to the church are asked to phone the rectory at 295 5603 or 295 2643 to arrange for collection of the key and to get instructions regarding the alarm installation.   Please don't be afraid to leave a message if no one is available to take your call, and please don't leave it until the last minute to make contact in case there id no one at the rectory to meet your need.   

We thank Des Kennedy and his staff for holding the key over the past few years - it was very handy.   Now, regrettably, all we can do grin and bear the new regime!   

School Jottings   

The recent AGM of the PTA was well attended.   Following the usual reports and adoption of accounts the main business of the meeting was to elect new members to the committee.   As decreed by the constitution, Christina Campbell, Suzanne Beatty and Monique Tomkins stepped down from committee.   Also stepping down were Ena Anthony and Andrew Bailey - parent reps. on the Board of Management.   We thank each of these, particularly Christina Campbell, for their commitment and contribution to the association over the past year.

The new PTA committee comprises   
Aisling O'Neill- Chairperson
Emma Slowe - Treasurer   
Nikki Reid - Secretary   

New members - Ian Gemmell, Sue Cobban, Frieda O'Farrell, Aine Morrison and Brona Columb.   The Principal, Ms. Grainne Darlington, the Chairperson, Canon David Moynan and the newly elected parent reps. on the Board of Management, Alan Dunne and Geoff Bailey, are also ipso facto members of the PTA.   

The Board of Management   

As Kilternan Klips goes to press a new Board of Management is being formed to have responsibility for the oversight and management of the school for the next four years.   Two members from the wider community have yet to be nominated and ratified.   Following this procedure the new Board will be passed by the Archbishop and advised to the Department of Education and Science.   The names of those serving will then be announced publicly.    

We are grateful to the members of the outgoing Board of Management for their dedication and commitment to the needs of the school - Mrs. Elaine Balmer, Patron's nominee, Ms. Grainne Darlington Principal; Ms. Eavan Walsh, teacher's rep.; Ms. Ena Anthony and Mr. Geoff Bailey - parent reps; Mrs. Sue Pedlow and Mr. Frank Johnson - community reps.   

Donation of Computers

One of the exciting additions to our recently extended school is that of a computer room.   It is just a shame that the Department of Education and Science doesn't see fit to furnish it with the state of the art technology that both the room and the children of the school deserve.   However, we have been extremely fortunate to have been given twenty five computers from Wesley College.   These machines have been reformatted and rebuilt to suit the needs of our school and will be divided up amongst the classrooms to help us on our way to an ICT rich twenty-first century.   We hope to fundraise or approach the corporate sector in order to fill our computer room.

May I take this opportunity to thank Mr Chris Woods, principal of Wesley College for his generous donation.   I would also like to thank Mr Graham Darlington and Mr Peter McDowell for their behind the scenes work and their generosity with their time and expertise while setting the computers up in our school.
Grainne Darlington

Helen O'Toole who helps regularly with music for services in the church and more latterly in Glebe House, has completed her first year of the Diocesan course for church musicians - achieving the commendable mark of 92%.   Our picture (not supplied) shows Helen with Ann Keary her tutor, having received her certificate of distinction from the Archbishop at Christ Church Cathedral on Sunday 14th October 2007.   

Church Giving   

Each week in our offertory collection we receive gifts of cash.   Whilst these are very welcome the value of even €5 per week could be considerably enhanced.   By joining the envelope scheme your donation (if over €250p.a.) becomes allowable for a tax rebate which the church can claim back from the Revenue Commissioners.   There is no paperwork involved - the necessary claim is made on your behalf.   This system is also allowable if you donate to the church by standing order from your bank account.   You will see from the parish accounts just how significant this is for the parish, running to thousands of euro each year.   New envelopes for the year 2008 will shortly be available.   Please give this your consideration if you are not already contributing in this way.   Contact Jenny Lynam, Hon. Treasurer 295 0381 or the parish office 295 2643 for details   

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