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Vol 14 No 2 Page 1 - March 2008

The Rector Writes

Christ is risen: he is risen indeed. Alleluia!

I love the seasons, each unique in its purpose and presentation
- the joy of spring as new life burst forth;
the activity of summer with its rampant growth;
the abundance of autumn as the harvest is gathered home;
the rest of winter renewing everything for the cycle to begin again.

Each season is unique and valuable in itself. Yet each is very much part of the whole and indivisible from it. Perhaps that is why, as the seasons seem to be changing, we can feel uncertain and be lulled into a false sense of time and season.

The Church's seasons can also be seen in this light -
The joy of Christmas as we celebrate God's gift of his love in his Son Jesus come to us:
engaging in the world, in you and me;
offering God's love to his creation and people;
touching with his compassion, forgiveness and healing all who are in need;
opening to us his authority and teaching:-.
All of this still enthrals people. It is positive and we buy into it! However, unique as Christmas is of itself, it too needs to be seen as part of the whole Christian year, part of the whole and indivisible from it.

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Canon David Moynan
As Christ came into the world he met with all its extremes, its imperfections and its needs, resulting in the awful events of Good Friday, where on the cross the God of love was crucified. For the disciples the cross was the end of it - all their hopes and expectations shattered.

Unless, unless Christmas and Good Friday did not stand on their own, alone, but were linked to something more hopeful, more lasting --------


These few words, the unique claim and promise of Easter Day, and the truth they encapsulate changed everything. All that was darkness and chaos came to light and a new order and purpose was created eternally in the risen Lord.

I wonder does the power and the glory of God, seen in his birth, death and resurrection grip you, and send a tingle of excitement down your spine? The promise of God's love come to us, God's love given for us on the cross, and the power of God's resurrection offered to us . Not one without the other, but all part of God's saving love and plan.

And it says to me that, as we link these seasons of faith together we have something all powerful in which to place our trust. What else, what other eternal values can we offer to a world so broken, to people so hurt, to families so bereaved, to individuals so lonely?

God come into the world in Christ's self-giving and self-emptying of Christmas (Philippians 2:5ff).
God's love broken and shed for the whole world on the Cross of Good Friday (John:18:1-19:42).
God's resurrection glory offering new life, life eternal, to those who come and see and believe in him (John 20:1-18).

Surely this is the whole kerygma of our Christian faith, mirrored in God's relationship with his creation and people from the very beginning:
God with his people leading them from slavery in Egypt to the promised land.
God's faithfulness to his covenant relationship with his people, in good times and bad.
God's redeeming of the world in the love of Jesus offered in Christmas, Good Friday and Easter of the New Covenant.
Reason, surely, to journey with Christ through Holy Week, so that with joy we may proclaim him risen :-

Christ is risen: he is risen indeed. Alleluia!


Thank You From The Rectory:

Baby Jack left us, Isabel and David, on 26th February having been with us for five and a half months. He was a joy to have. Our thoughts and prayers go with him to his new home and surroundings, and our thanks to all who encouraged and supported us in minding Jack.

In December 2007, on the death of my mother, parishioners and friends in the area expressed their sympathy by attending her funeral service, by sending cards and letters and by calling to the rectory. Your kindness and support was and still is very much appreciated by all the family. Over the past couple of weeks I have had to go through my mother's (and my father's) personal papers. To find amongst these personal references of the highest order, letters of thanks from parishes and select vestries where they served and where my mother played the organ, and newspaper cuttings some of which referred to deep sadnesses in their journey, are humbling and fill one with a very real sense of respect and thankfulness for all that they gave and the sacrifices they made for my sister and me, and in and for a wider community.

In thanking you for all you kindness I am sure it is no less for any of the Klips readers as you think of your loved ones..... but it is worth saying. Worth saying also is my sure Christian faith for my father and mother, 'As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive'.


Annual Easter Vestry Meeting

The parish annual Easter Vestry meeting will this year take place on Tuesday 1st April. While the date might cause consternation in the Vicar of Dibley's parish, it will hardly do so in Kilternan! Please put this important date in your diary and do your best to attend.

What is the annual Easter Vestry meeting? It is a meeting to which all parishioners, even people outside the parish are invited. The main business of the meeting is to present the parish's annual accounts and to elect/nominate a new management group (known as the Select Vestry) for the incoming year. All who come to the meeting may play a full part in the exchange of opinions, however, only those who are registered vestry persons (those who have actually signed up as parishioners) may vote or be elected to office.

Vestry This year in addition to electing the new management body there will be elections for
People to represent the parish at Diocesan Synod (synods persons) and
People who would choose a new rector for the parish (parochial nominators) should the present rector fall off his budgie perch or otherwise move on!
You can see we will be busy.

We are also inviting all parish organisations to be represented at the meeting this year, with each giving a three minute presentation of their purpose and activities. This should be interesting and will make good use of the time taken to count votes!

A cup of tea will also be on offer. We look forward to meeting you at the annual Easter Vestry meeting on Tuesday 1st April at 8.00pm in the parish hall. No, I'm not joking!


Dates Easter 2008

Family Fun Day and Fête

Hopefully everybody will have Saturday 26th April highlighted on calendars and diaries. Owing to Easter being earlier than usual this year, the school timetable is altered and as a result we have had to move our traditional fête day forward. Planning is well under way but all the planning in the world is of little use without the support of everyone associated with the school and parish. This is a very important and significant fund raising and social event as well as being a showcase for both.

Your support in whatever way you can give it is essential.

  • Give some time on the day to assist with running a stall, the BBQ, the catering, the games etc.
  • Make a contribution to one or more of the stalls- books, cds etc. garden and plants, toys, tombola, treasure trove(no furniture, electrical goods or rubbish please!) . The cake stall and delicatessen would really appreciate home made/baked items.
  • Donate a prize. A number of attractions will be giving away prizes and they have to come from somewhere!
  • Sell/buy the raffle tickets. This really is an important earner and the more we can sell the better. There are super prizes again this year that someone has to win.
  • Take an advertisement in the brochure. Rates for full, half and quarter pages.
  • Come along on the day, bring your friends and family and spend, spend, spend. Super value and great fun to be had. Remember it's your presence that makes the day - imagine if we held the fête and nobody came!
  • Enter your dog in the dog show - he'll have a woofly good time too.
  • Send a donation. We know you cannot all be with us on the day and we will miss you. A donation of any amount will be gratefully accepted.
Many people put a great deal of work into making this the successful and enjoyable day that it always is. Please show your appreciation for this work by giving your support.

FeatureContact / OrganiserPhone No: Vestry
BrochureTara Byrne, Helen Dunne01 294 1083
CateringNiki Ried01 282 5788
BarbequeSimon Walker; 01 294 0575
Dog ShowEna Anthony01 274 3413
Pony RidesSarah McGrath01 214 9847
GardenSarah Tilson01 295 6260
Delicatessen and Cakes Tennis Club and MU01 295 9905
Books, Videos, CDs, Tapes etc.Alice and Pat Carey01 286 2702
ToysMonique Tompkins01 2895 8450
TombolaEd McPhillimy01 295 5858
Treasure TroveJohn Dunne01 295 5858
Minerals / SweetsBrona Colomb01 295 2455
GamesPTA01 295 9903
Face PaintingPTA 
PhotographerKen Farrar 
Fête WalkPTA 
Tots TownElaine Moran


We attended Thinking Day and Founders Day with all other Scout and Guide members, remembering especially that Scouting is 100 years in being this year; and that we Girl Guides will be 100 in 2011 when Kilternan Guides will be 91 years registered and in being for some time before registration.

All who came to us at the start of the year, September, have really settled in and we now have 35 girls in the Unit.

Some of our older girls went for a weekend to Curracloe, staying in the holiday cottages - no tents or hostel for them. This week-end was organised by Eastern Region of Irish Girl Guides and was a 'social' weekend. We intend to take part in the Scout and Guide day at Farran woods in Cork, called 'Squelch', which as the word suggests is a muddy, wet, day running through all sorts of terrain from activity to activity, all for the sake of a Badge.

All are progressing well through our programme and working for badges in Irish Handcraft, Map Reader, Forester, etc. etc. Our older girls look forward to a Lightweight weekend before summer.

This year we are staying nearer to home for summer camp as we will spend a week at Cappanalea Activity Centre, taking part in canoeing, windsurfing, climbing, abseiling, hiking, and a tour of local sights including down a cave.

Freda Keady, Ruth Wilkie, Edwina Mulvey, Rita Lundon, Marian Mulvey.

Kilternan Church of Ireland National School

Green Schools News

Re: Meet the Spuds Potato Growing Challenge:

3rd and 4th Classes are participating in the Meet the Spuds Potato Growing Challenge. This challenge has been developed by Agri Aware and is sponsored by F.B.D. Insurance. Seed potatoes have been planted and children must keep a weekly scrapbook which will detail the development of the potato crop and other associated activities conducted by the classes. Outside of this project, Deirdre Eccles has started her own potato growing projects with the other classes in the school.

Re: Planting: Planting the school banks at the back of the school is now finished under the supervision and direction of Simon Banks [parent and landscape gardener]. Our thanks to Simon and to the pupils in 5th and 6th Classes for their achievement.

Re: Garden Boxes:

Following a generous donation from a grandparent, Deirdre Eccles was enabled to commission the building of large garden boxes, which are in keeping with the latest specifications for school gardens. Each classroom will be responsible for its own box and planting will begin soon. Our thanks to Deirdre for her time, enthusiasm and commitment to all things 'Green' in the school.

Enid Bennett
Green Schools Co-ordinator
Kilternan C. of I. National School


Six young parishioners are preparing for confirmation which will take place in Tullow Parish Church on Sunday 18th May 2008 at 3.30pm. We look forward to joining with Tullow candidates for the service. Please remember these young people, their families and god-parents as they come to this important stage in their Christian faith journey - Grace Barry, Andrew Cole, Megan Dagg, Leigh Eccles, Douglas McCaffrey and Rian Jolley.

Food For Thought?

The average amount of money spent in one year on meals by a single restaurant critic writing for one magazine or newspaper in this country, would pay for enough food to give a child in the developing world a daily meal for eleven years.

Bishops' Appeal

Included with this issue is a Bishops' Appeal envelope. Please do not throw it in the bin empty. The developing world needs help from those of us who have enough and to spare. Your contribution, no matter how small will make a difference to someone else in the world. please give what you can, please give something.

e-mail Addresses

It would be of great help to the parish administration to have an e-mail address for each parish family. We promise not to disclose it to others and we also promise not to bombard you on a weekly/monthly basis with spurious e-mails. There are times however when we feel it necessary to urgently communicate with parish members and we would ask those of you who have not already done so to let us have an email address we can contact you at. Please send it to or fill in the form that the social committee have put together and will be distributing on Sunday mornings. Thank you.

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