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Kilternan Church of Ireland National School occupies a sylvan setting between the parish church and rectory.   This modern building, erected in 1985, replaces the old school which occupied the parochial hall and temporary buildings in the church grounds.

Under Church of Ireland Management the school serves children of protestant denominations and others from the local community. Presently there are eight mainstream teachers, with resource and learning support teachers, and 209 pupils.   The school follows the education curriculum laid down by the Department of Education and Science; in addition, a range of extra curricular activities are available including Sports.

The Board of Management, Teachers and Parent Teacher Association work in partnership in seeking to provide all that is necessary to enable children attending the school to fulfill their maximum potential.

For further information contact

Ms Grainne Darlington

Tel +353 (0)1 295 3235 or,

Canon David Moynan, Chairman of the Board of Management,

Tel +353 (0)1 295 2643

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