Sunday of Month Service Time
Every Sunday Holy Communion 8.30am
First Sunday Morning Prayer 10.30am
Second Sunday All Age Worship 10.30am
Third Sunday Holy Communion 10.30am
Fourth Sunday All Age Worship 10.30am
Fifth Sunday Experimental 10.30am

Copies of Sermons
Sermons from previous Sundays for devotional use can be downloaded Here

Weekly Diary
Kilternan Klips
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Vol. 24-1
Spring 2018

Vol. 23-4
Winter 2017

Vol. 23-3
Autumn 2017

Vol. 23-2
Jun 2017

Vol. 23-1
Feb 2017

Vol. 22-4
Dec 2016


New here?

Kilternan is a place where we hope you feel welcome. It’s a community that is open to people of all traditions and experiences. We are a community that welcomes all people and celebrates the diversity of our common life.If you are new, please do make yourself know to the clergy who would love to say hello. Services are usually no longer than an hour, the all age services tend to be a bit shorter. Our service follow a prayer book format, though everything you will need will be given to you in a booklet when you arrive. During all age worship services, words are also projected on a screen.

In Kilternan we welcome everyone who wants to join our life together. We have a simple form we use for all new members. It just helps us gather some helpful information. Please fill it in and drop it into the parish office.

New Member Form 

Frequently Asked Questions

That’s entirely up to you. Some people like to dress formally, but there is no dress requirement.

We know that parents often worry about bring children to worship in case they are noisy. Please don’t be concerned. At Kilternan, we view the noise of children as signs of life. There is also a Sunday Club for children aged 4 to 12, that runs during most Services that are not all age services. If you make yourself know to the church wardens or welcome team at the door they will introduce you to the Sunday Club leaders.

Communicant members of other Christian churches may receive Holy Communion in the Church of Ireland. It’s the Lord’s table, not the churches, so all are invited to receive.

There is a ramp into the church, and a loop system for those with hearing aids. There is not a specific wheel chair space, but there is plenty of room in the isle. If you need any assistance please let the church wardens know.

We would love to have you join us. Have a chat to the rector or the parish office. There is a membership form to be completed. If you want to access it here, you can do so and return it to the parish office. Membership is not conditional upon financial giving, though most new members consider making a financial contribution to the life of the parish.

There are lots of ways you can get involved. Have a look around this web site and see if there are any group or activities that would suit you and your family. There are also lots of ways to offer help through your gifts, talents and expertise. Have a chat to the rector if you want to volunteer.