Children & Family Ministries

Children and Family ministry is a central pillar of a healthy church. We are in a part of Dublin that is blooming with young families. Our parish community is full of families and that is something we want to build on. In 2019 we employed a Children and family ministry coordinator to support our growth in this area. Information about children’s ministry on a Sunday can be found under Sunday in Kilternan. But there is much more going on!

Play Café at the Gathering Grounds

The play café meets from 10am-12 noon every Wednesday in the Gathering Grounds. This is an informal gathering with toys for thee children and tea. Coffee and treats for the mums and das. Its open to everyone.

For more information contact our Children and Family Ministry Coordinator.

Sunday Club

Sunday club kids start in church at 10:30 as normal and then leave after the first hymn alongside a team of vetted Sunday Club leaders. We are currently meeting in the parish school until our new hall opens.
Its open to all children of primary school age (have a chat with a leader if you have a 4-year-old who isn’t at school yet but you think is mature enough). The Sunday club is divided into two groups. The ‘Pebbles’ who are the junior Sunday club, and the Rocks who are the older kids. There will be a mix of games, stories, challenges and activities with an emphasis on learning through play.
Children can be collected at the school at 11:30, or directly after church. Sunday Club does not meet every Sunday – you can download the schedule here.

For more information, contact Grace Barry.

Messy Church

Messy Church meets on the third Sunday of the Month from 4pm-6pm in the Kilternan Centre.

Messy Church is a fun filled, completely relaxed Church experience you and your kids will love. Welcoming our community together in Christ. We meet in the church hall for craft, celebration and a yummy sit down meal. It is free for everyone. The only Messy Church entry requirement is that all children must be with an adult.

Messy Church started in the Church of England, with a church trying to develop a ministry programme that connected with families in ways that a Sunday service just couldn’t manage. Its built on three principles: creativity, celebration, and hospitality. Rather than trying to provide an elaborate description of a Messy Church, I thought I’d give you a link instead – https://www.messychurch.org.uk/

Messy Church is an expression of church. It’s not just a craft club, its purpose is to help people encounter the christian faith in a very real way. It’s all age, with an emphasis on fun and welcome.


10th Dublin Beavers accept young boys or girls from the age of 6 before or on the 30th of August of the year to join. Please register your child here: https://www.kilternanscouts.com. We meet every Thursday 5.45 to 6.45 during the school term in the Kilternan Parish Centre. We introduce the Beavers to all the scouting fun, of games, working together, camping and especially having fun together.

For more information, Contact Us

Cubs Scouts

Cubs Scouts are aged from 9 to 12. In Kilternan Cubs, our view is that the kids are there, first and foremost, to have fun. They learn essential Scouting skills, called Adventure Skills, such as the different types of knots and their uses and how to build basic structures using only wood and rope, how to light a fire safely using cotton wool and a flint and steel, basic cooking outdoors, how to pitch a tent, how to plan and what to pack for a hike or a camp, how to read a map and navigate using a compass, basic first aid and how to deal with emergencies – and far too many other things to list here. Badges can be earned for Adventure Skills across 9 different activity areas (Air Activities, Backwoods, Camping, Emergencies, Hillwalking, Paddling, Pioneering, Rowing and Sailing) not just during Cubs but throughout their whole Scouting life.

Weekly meetings: every Thursday during school term (18:45 - 20:00). Weekend activities: a couple of times per term.Weekend camping: usually in April and June.

Location: Kilternan Centre. For more details, Contact Us or check out https://www.kilternanscouts.com/


Ladybird Guides are the most junior section of the Irish Girl Guides. Here in Kilternan, we have a Ladybird Guide Group catering for girls aged 5-7 years. We meet in the Kilternan Centre on Monday afternoons from 4:30-5:30pm.

Ladybird Guides are encouraged to share, help others, learn about team work, enjoy nature and discover the world around them. By learning these valuable skills through Ladybirds, they are introduced to the skills of guiding. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends and have fun.

We have a full programme of indoor and outdoor games and activities, which include hikes, picnics, bowling and theatre trips. At Christmas, we join the local Beaver Troup to go carol singing for the residents of Glebe House in Kilternan. We also sometimes join up with other Ladybird groups for exciting days out.

For further information please Contact Us

Youth Ministries

Senior Youth Group

This is an informal youth group developing for young people 2nd year plus that meets every 2nd + 4th Sunday of the month. If you would like to be part of our youth group, contact our Youth Ministry Coordinator Brian Hickey.

Junior Youth Group

Junior youth group meets on the 2nd + 4th Friday evening of the month. It for young people in 6th class and 1st year. If you would like to be part of our youth group, contact our youth Ministry Coordinator Brian Hickey.

Scouts and Venture Scouts

Scouts are 12 to 15 years of age. Scouts get to do more for themselves and have more of their own adventures that they get to choose. They meet on Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm in the Church of Ireland school hall Kilternan.

Venture Scouts are from 15 to 17 years of age. It provides challenges and adventure that will get you working with others to make a difference in your community. They also meet on Thursday evenings at 8:00 pm in the Kilternan Centre. How much does it cost: Annual subscription fees are €165 for the first child, €145 for the second and €45 for the third child.There will also be uniform and equipment costs.

Check the website for contact details and waiting list https://www.kilternanscouts.com

Girl Guides

Kilternan Girl Guides were first Registered in 1920 so will reach 100yrs in May 2020 which is not so far ahead. Being part of the Irish Girl Guides means that we are also part of The World Ass. Of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts. Kilternan Guides were started by the Misses Moore of The Grange, Kilternan, where they met for their weekly meetings. After some years, they moved to The Endowed School and finally to the Parish Hall.

With numbers up and down over the years they have been kept going by leaders who for the most part have been involved as girls in the Unit. The girls have taken part in many outdoor activities including Camps in Ireland and International Camps from Denmark to New Zealand.Our local area has not been forgotten over the years from in the early years Carol Singing around the area and in Leopardstown Park Hospital and now in the Glebe Home. During the parish hall build, we moved into Rosemont School, Sandyford Rd. We now feel very much at home here and meet every Friday from 6.30 to 8pm, and would welcome any girl of 10 to 14 who wished to join us.

For more information, Contact Us


Confirmation is a big deal! Confirmation is a service in which a previously-baptized Christian who has undergone a period of instruction about the Christian Faith comes before a bishop, and confirms the promises made during baptism, and is confirmed by God in the Faith. Confirmation is offered to young people in the first year of secondary school, but it is opened to older young people also. We offer it every year. If you would like to be confirmed contact the clergy to find out more.




Thanks to the musical talents of Kevin O’Sullivan our Choir Director and Organist, we are privileged to have a healthy choir who enrich our worship every Sunday. The choir has regular practices on Tuesday at 8:00 to 9:30. As well as weekly worship the choir often participate in one off choral events and regular social activities through the year.

We are frequently looking to add new members to the choir. If you would be interested in singing, please contact Kevin on 087 785 2704

Junior Choir

Twice a month we have participation from the junior choir. This is made up of primary school children and is well cherished within the church. Junior choir members practice on Tuesday from 8.15am - 8.45am and on Friday from 8.15am - 8.45am. As well as contributing on Sundays, the junior choir enjoy an annual BBQ and Movie night in the rectory.

If you have a child who is in 1st class or above, and would like to get involved in the junior choir, contact our Choir Director Kevin on 087 7852704.


Pastoral Care

The greatest pastoral care is the care we give to one another as we love our neighbour as ourselves.

Formal pastoral care is offered through a visit from clergy or one of our parish visitors. This is firstly offered to those who are sick or in need. If you would like a pastoral visit, please contact the church office or the rector directly.

Visitation is currently offered through the Rector and Carol Barry the Parish Reader and Pastoral visitor, though we hope to increase our pastoral care team in future.


Meal Train

Meal Train is a new food ministry in Kilternan parish! It is organised meal giving around significant life events.

What this really means... When a friend is in need, everyone asks "What can I do to help?" The answer is always to make a meal. When many friends make and deliver a meal, this is a meal train. Meal train will provide meals for fellow parishioners in need (we all have times of need!). This could be following a birth or a bereavement, during convalescence after surgery or illness, or just to give someone a break. Meal train is an international programme organised through a web based platform. Since launching the site, Mealtrain.com has helped organize more than 6.7 million meals for over 730,000 families around the world. On any given night, over 7,500 people are making and delivering a meal.

We need volunteers who can provide a meal from time to time. The meal can be homemade, bought, or ordered – no cooking expertise is needed. If you are interested, please share your email address with Julie Clements at julieclements04@hotmail.com. More information in the back of church. If you know of anyone who might find some food support helpful, please let Julie know, or contact the parish office.

Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Anyone wishing to discuss and / or arrange a baptism, a wedding or a funeral should contact the Church Secretary, who will forward details to the Rector, or talk to the rector in person.


The Church of Ireland baptised infants and adults who have never been baptised. If there are any children not baptised, their parents should contact the clergy to arrange a suitable time. This can be at either morning services. All baptisms are held in the context of a Sunday Service. If there is a particular reason why this should not be so, please discuss with the ministry.

For more information on baptism in the church of Ireland click Here

Christian Marriage

Couples who are resident within the parish boundaries have the right to be married in their parish church. If you do not live in the parish, you may still be married here if one or both of you worship regularly at the church in the period preceding the proposed wedding date. If you are not resident in the parish and do not think you would be able to make the regular worship commitment outlined above, but have a connection with Kilternan in some other way, it may still be possible to marry here under special circumstances. Please speak to the Parish Secretary or the Rector to see whether you might qualify.

Getting married is a big decision. It’s one that the church rejoices in and seeks to offer prayer and encouragement. The church sees marriage as a sign of God’s love among us. It’s a sacrament that mirror Gods relationship with the church and enriches the church and community in which the couple live. At Kilternan we want to make sure that we that couples preparing for marriage are encouraged. Couples getting married in Kilternan are required to attend a ‘marriage date night’ in the rectory. During each course of a 3-course dinner the couple will be encouraged to reflect on a different aspect of marital life. There will be an opportunity for partners to speak directly with each, but there will also be a chance for couples to chat with other couples. There is no charge for a couple from the parish getting married, though couples often chose to give a donation averaging around €250. There are additional costs for the organist that will be discussed with him directly.

For more information on Christian marriage, click Here

Christian Burial

Kilternan has a beautiful grave yard where parishioners may be buried. Please contact the rector or parish office to arrange a burial or a funeral service.

The vestry policy and costs for graveyards can be obtained from the parish office.

Building Community

Table Tennis

The Kilternan Parish Table Tennis Club meets on Wednesday evenings between 8pm-10.30pm in the Kilternan Centre. The club has an open membership for adults. We welcome new members of all abilities with the emphasis very much on social play and fun!

Please contact Irwin Johnston by email or text message if you are interests in joining. (irwincjohnston@gmail.com or 086 607 5357)

Senior Soup Group at the Gathering Grounds

Every Tuesday from 12 noon there is soup and bread lunch for seniors. This will be held in the Gathering Grounds Café in the Kilternan Centre, a comfortable setting for chat and a bite to eat.To cover the basic cost of food, we suggest a donation of €5, but no one will be turned away if they don’t have money on them.

On occasion, there will be a speaker on an issue of local interest and concern after the lunch for those interested.

Women’s Craft Night @ the Gathering Grounds

A craft night happens on the first Friday of the month in the Gathering Grounds at 8pm. This is a time for conversation, coffee and crafts.The craft night is an opendoor policy.

If you are interested in being involved, chat to Julie Clements at the Gathering Grounds, or check the Gathering Grounds Facebook page for more information.

Glebe House

Kilternan Care Centre is a care facility, opened in February 2009 as a collaboration between Kilternan Parish, and the Dublin diocese through Cowper Care. The facility comprises Glebe House Nursing Home and Alexandra Close, sheltered independent living units. Glebe House, together with the sheltered housing of Alexandra Close form a village concept with plenty outdoor space for residents. The nursing home is bright and welcoming with a special dementia facility.

There is a strong association with local schools who perform concerts for the residents and the church who provide weekly service and pastoral care. More information about Glebe House can be found on their website Here

Gardening Club

At a meeting held in the Kilternan Parochial Hall on Monday October 28, 1962, it was decided to form a gardening club and call it The Kilternan Gardening Club to meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 8.00pm. The Committee was to be Mrs Ainsworth, Mrs Topping, MrBrassington, MrTurbett (Hon. Secretary) and E.P. Sholdice (Hon. Secretary). Suggestions put forward included summer outings to gardens, topical tips at meetings with a prize for the best one, a summer day-trip outing and tea and biscuits should be provided at each meeting. Over 50 years later the format of the Club is very much as originally established. r/

Monthly meetings with guest speakers are held from September to April followed in the summer months by a programme of garden visits. The Club currently has 80 members, membership costing €30 for individuals and €45 for couples. Meetings are held in Rosemont School. Meetings are held in the Kilternan Centre. Email kilternangardeningclub@gmail.com for further details.

Kilternan Parish Chancel & Flower Guild (aka The Flower Rota)

The beautiful flowers that adorn the Chancel every Sunday as if by magic are arranged by members of the parish who wish to remember a loved one or who wish to contribute to the parish and the beauty of the church in some small way. The arrangers represent a wide cross section of parishioners, from those who have been in the parish for a long time to those who have recently joined. They are both experienced and novice flower arrangers, male and female, and each have a unique and wonderful style of their own.

On special occasions such as Easter, Harvest or Christmas the whole church gets a floral makeover and many of those who do an arrangement for a particular Sunday, come along and give a hand with the decorating while getting a chance to socialise with their fellow flower arrangers.

The weekly arranging is done at a time convenient to the arranger prior to their allocated Sunday, having collected the key to the church from Geoffrey Willis at Kilternan Gallery and returning it back once they are finishing the arranging. There are vases and oasis available in the church to be used in the floral arrangements, if needed or the arrangers bring their own containers and accessories, and there is a watering can and cloths in the Vestry if needed.

If you would like to help with Sunday flower arranging or even help with the decorating of the church on special occasions, even if it is only to lend a hand with the clearing up and tidying, please contact please contact Sarah Tilson on 086 8542967 for more information.

Kilternan Parish Lawn Tennis Club

Tennis has been played in Kilternan Parish for 3 generations. Members enjoy the friendly atmosphere and excellent court facilities which the club offers. The 3 artificial grass courts may be used at any time up to 10 p.m. except during church services. Club play is on Monday mornings (ladies) and Tuesday evenings with social tennis each month. Members also play in various leagues organised by the Dublin Lawn Tennis Council, as well as in the local Ladies’ Charity League. Club championships are held in the autumn and there are various social events through the year. While there are currently no club activities solely for children, junior members may play with their parents or take part in after-school coaching.

Membership is open to individual members or families and further information is available from the KPLTC Hon. Secretary Gillian Fleming on 087 901 2957 or email kilternanparishltc@gmail.com

Social Action Ministries

Alice Leahy Trust

Kilternan Parish supports the Alice Leahy ‘Toiletries Amnesty’. A box for toiletries is in place at the back of the Church and these are delivered regularly to the Alice Leahy Trust . New/unused toiletries such as—Shower Gel; Hair products (shampoo, conditioner and hair gel); Perfume/After-shave; Deodorants (only aerosols as roll-on deodorants can only be used once); Shaving Cream/Gel; Disposable Razors; Sanitary products; Hair brushes and combs and in particular, toiletries for men are very welcome.

The Alice Leahy Trust also welcomes donations of clothes and we are very happy to deliver these to the trust. Due to a lack of storage facilities, please ring Una (086 8175530) about donations of any clothing items and we will make arrangements to collect these at the time we are making a delivery to the Alice Leahy Trust. You can learn more about the Alice Leahy Trust Here

St Vincent De Paul (SVP)

There is a plastic box at the back of the church in which groceries and other non-perishable goods may be left. Perhaps when we go shopping we might be in position to purchase a few extra items which can be left in the box. These will then be passed to the local branch of St Vincent de Paul for the support of people in our area.

You can find out more about St Vincent de Paul Here