Tulips at side of Church

Set in south county Dublin,

on the outskirts of the city, this once rural parish is experiencing great change due to residential and commercial development in the area.   While such development has its attendant problems, from a parochial viewpoint we can only regard it as a positive situation bringing growth and change, challenge and opportunity to the parish and the wider community.

Kilternan Parish enjoys the heritage of beautiful buildings dating from 1826, the consecration of the Parish Church of Kilternan, to 1985, when the new school and rectory were built.   The buildings and grounds have been carefully maintained over the years and are often commented upon by locals and visitors alike.

It is, however, in its people that we find the real essence of Kilternan Parish. The parish comprises some 313 Families and some 780 souls.   The people are from all walks of life and from several traditions of the Christian faith.   The parish seeks to embrace, in Christ's name and love, all who come and all with whom we have contact, that each one may find a welcome, an identity and a people where they may experience God's love and peace.

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